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14th-Aug-2008 11:22 am - 100 NCIS Icons

When you look at me like that McGee, I get this overwhelming urge to headslap youCollapse )

Crossposted across the place. Enjoy! :D

Comments and credit appreciated.

Rach xxx
9th-Apr-2007 11:18 pm - Happy Birthday Gerard Way!
A Banner

Gerard Way icons. 100 of them for 10x10variated

So give me all your poisonCollapse )

As usual, comment and credit if you use any (though, I doubt you will, but meh...)
MCR - Sex Gods
Under the Cuts:

CSI: Miami:
[6] Horatio
[4] Calleigh
[4] Misc
[9] Red stripe set
[9] Red spot set

[8] Doctor Who (and Who related)
[8] Fina; Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[7] Cardcaptor Sakura
[5] Kate Mulgrew
[5] The Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack Sakura Calleigh

CSI: MiamiCollapse )

Misc FandomsCollapse )


* Comment if you take any
* Credit if you take any
* Don't pass them off as your own
* Tell your friends! :D

Rach xxx
19th-Sep-2006 12:15 am(no subject)
Username: dk2022
Category: TV
Sub-category: Star Trek: Voyager
Subject: Janeway, Kathryn
Image URL: Here
Set of rules used: Second

Kathryn Janeway

And will you one day abandon me?Collapse )

CSI: Miami

[8] Calleigh
[4] Horatio
[1] David Caruso
[1] Calleigh/Horatio
[1] Delko

:: Puts on glasses slowly :: We. Never. Close. :: Insert Who scream ::Collapse )

Comment, credit, yadda yadda yadda... :D

Rach xxx
6th-Sep-2006 10:10 pm(no subject)
Made for 10variations

Under the cuts:

[11] Rose (from Doctor Who)
[11] Manions of America
[10] Katharine Hepburn

[Insert Doctor Who quote here]Collapse )

Rory and Rachel

Stroke Pierce... Go on, I dare ya!Collapse )

Katharine x 10

In China we'd be married by now - or perhaps it's only yesterdayCollapse )

Comment and credit dudes. :D Makes me happy!

Rach xxx
17th-Jul-2006 06:47 pm - Tutorial 8 - Tenth Yaay!
So I'm making this from this.

Just a projectionCollapse )

Now, if you have any questions, comment or IM me or email me or something. Don't copy this tutorial step for step then pass on the icon as your own, otherwise Tenth will come at you with his screwdriver and make your head explode.

Rach xxx
16th-Jul-2006 10:28 pm - Tutorial 7 - Punch my way through?
So today class we are going to create Punch your way through from this this base. :D

My poor battered nails!Collapse )

Any questions? Seriously, if you have a problem, comment. :)

Now, does anyone want a tutorial for this Doctor Who icon? Because I can make one pretty quickish. :)

Rach xxx
Kate Mulgrew - vampiesicons
16th-Jul-2006 09:49 am - Icon post: Doctor Who, Voyager
[20] Doctor Who - Doomsday (so they shall be spoilerish)

[12] Doctor
[4] Rose
[3] Ten/Rose
[1] David Tennant

[6] Star Trek: Voyager

[1] Tuvok
[1] Doctor
[1] Harry
[1] Misc
[2] Roxann Dawson

I'm burning up a sun...Collapse )

Usual stuff. Comment if you like/take. Credit if/when you take and use. Tell your friends, and sorry if you see this crossposted! :D

Rach xxx
I shall make a tutorial for this icon. I must note that I made this icon at the start of the year, so it might not be exactly the same.

Janeway needs her own fan songCollapse )

The icon It's a bit different, but it looks kinda the same.

Next icon, later tonight probs, will be this one or this one. Not sure which yet.


Rach xxx
B'Elanna" Seven Sakura/Syaoran

Here be iconsCollapse )

Under the cut:

60 Voyager:

Chakotay - 12
B'Elanna - 11
Tom - 8
The Doctor - 6
Misc/Slash - 6
Seven - 5
Kes - 4
Harry - 4
Tuvok - 4

31 Cardcaptor Sakura:

Syaoran - 10
Sakura- 9
Pairs - 6
Misc - 6

3 X-Files:

M/S - 1
Mulder - 2

You know the rules. Comment/credit etc. :D

Rach xxx
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